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    Corporate Culture

        The goal of Ruiyi is to make long-term contribution and success in the market for organic silicon and pharmaceutical intermediates. We think a good enterprise culture for enterprise growth and development is indispensable.

        Basis points of Ruiyi enterprise culture is- InnovationEfficiencyQualityService

    - innovation and creation are the foundation for Ruiyis long-term development, the spirit in research and innovation is continuous driving force to promote our advancement, its important to strive for exploit new areas without any self-satisfaction.

       Efficiency- make full use of ones capability so as to encourage the whole group. Respond quickly, take action immediately, and face challenges in the most timely and effective way everyday.

       Quality C quality is always the foundation for a companys survival. With its most strict attitude, Ruiyi will provide every client with the best products.

       Service- oriented by the market and clients, Ruiyi will try its best to satisfy clients and realize the slogan of clients first.